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Commercial Tree Service Lombard

Commercial tree service will keep your company’s trees looking healthy and well taken care of every season. Trees react to the environment, if the environment is not being taken care of, they will grow out of control, catch tree disease, have dead branches or become hazardous. Regular tree maintenance keeps your Lombard trees healthy, strong, and disease free! Brown Tree Service is prepared to help with all of your tree services and questions you may have.

Things To Consider When Determining Tree Removal

If a tree is damaged, it does not always mean it needs to be removed. Some trees can still live if it is only partially damaged. At Brown Tree Service we recommend inspecting your tree and asking these couple questions before you make the decision to remove your tree:

  • Is the tree near power lines? If a tree is growing into a power line, a professional should look at it right away.

  • Is the tree hollow? If the tree is 1/3 hollow, it may need to be removed because it lost a majority of its trunk strength, making it hazardous.

  • Is the tree leaning? Leaning trees indicate that there is breakage or root weakening and could become hazardous. If a tree is leaning, it should be looked at by an arborist to determine removal.

  • Is there room for the tree? Large trees should be 20 feet away from your home, and smaller trees can be as close as 6ft to your home. It is not a good idea to have trees growing over your roof.

  • How healthy is the tree? If a tree is 50 percent dead, then it most likely should be removed.
  • Are there dead branches? Large dead branches do not always mean a tree should be removed. However, the branches should be removed, so they do not cause damage to property around it. If less than 25 percent of the tree is damaged, then the tree can still survive.

Commercial Tree Care Lombard

  • Pruning- Tree maintenance is important while trees are young to reduce co-dominating stems or cross over limbs.
  • Stump Removal- Unattended trees can be hazardous. We can remove your trees and tree stumps with our state of the art equipment.

  • Removals- If your tree is infected with tree disease or from insects it should be removed. Our professionals can remove any tree no matter the size.

  • Planting- Trees enhance the look of your property. We can plant the best quality trees for your company and make your property look great!

Why Commercial Tree Service is Important

Lombard businesses need to watch out for any dying trees or dead branches that can risk falling on someone. Not only can those branches injure an employee or customer, but they could also damage your building or the surrounding buildings. Regular tree maintenance services can prevent damage to property or injuries from happening. Aside from prevention, tree service adds curb appeal to your business’s property. Enhancing the look of your curb appeal can attract more people to your business.

Importance of Commercial Tree Trimming/Pruning Lombard

Safety should always be your number one concern for your employees or customers. That’s why Brown Tree Service offers commercial tree services.

  • Safety- removing the dead branches from a tree is important to keep your customers and employees safe.

  • Crossing branches- Branches could become weak if they cross over each other and cause safety problems.
  • Hazardous branches- Dead or large branches that risk falling on vehicles or buildings should be removed immediately.

  • Dead branches- Dead branches could be infected with tree disease or insects. Removing the dead branches can prevent the disease from spreading.

Commercial Tree Removal Lombard

If your company in Lombard has dying or rotting trees it’s probably best they get them removed. Dying or rotting trees are hazardous and should not be ignored. If your business needs tree removal service in Lombard, then they should call our experienced experts. At Brown Tree Service we have highly trained and certified arborists always prepared to help. We have been providing quality tree service for over 34 years!


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