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Emergency Tree Services Mount Prospect

It is not uncommon during storms for trees to fall, but trees can fall even in the calmest of weather. Falling trees pose a huge risk in urban areas because of how close streets, houses, and utilities are; there is something that is bound to be hit. Even a small tree like a pine that is 25 feet tall can weight over a thousand pounds. An oak that is 80 feet tall with a 2-foot trunk can weigh close to 20,000 pounds. The size and weight make removing fallen trees difficult without the right equipment. Most people think that removing a fallen tree is easy, but there are several risk factors that you might not think about. Never approach a fallen tree if there are power lines present as trees can conduct electricity if the wattage is high enough, which it often is with power lines. Brown Tree is ready for when the unexpected happens and can be out to remove a fallen tree quick. We have been serving as the premier emergency tree service in Mount Prospect for over 34 years!

Tree Bracing Mount Prospect

There are steps you can take to prevent a tree or branch from falling or a trunk from splitting. Bracing and preventative maintenance can help to keep a tree that has branches that are too big to be supported by the trunk from breaking. This is in both healthy and sick trees that preventative maintenance is needed. Bracing, or cabling, can help when a break has already started form. Only a trained and Certified Arborist can accurately diagnose the type of split, as well as provide any necessary preventative maintenance to help safeguard your trees against further damage.

Dead Tree Removal Mount Prospect

Storms are not the only reason that trees fall. Sick or dead trees can fall just as easily during even calm days. The best way to deal with a sick or dead tree is to remove it before it poses a risk, but when the worst happens, Brown Tree will still be there to help with just a simple phone call. Dead trees can pose an additional problem when removing them as often they have started to rot away. This means they are not as hard as a healthy tree meaning they can fall apart or be crushed easier, even with gentle handling.

Fallen Tree Removal

Removing a fallen tree is different than a standing tree. Safety is key when dealing with a fallen tree as it can shift and roll while attempting to remove it. In addition to making sure that the tree has not hit something dangerous above, or below ground. Power lines, gas lines, and other utilities can be damaged by a fallen tree, and those all present a different problem when removing it. This is why calling a professional local emergency tree service in Mount Prospect is key.

  • Disposal – Cutting the tree is only one portion of what is needed to remove it. Taking the pieces and removing them from the area requires a truck capable of hulling them.
  • Experience – Knowledge is a powerful tool that everyone needs. Knowing how to approach a fallen tree can make cleanup easy and keep people and property safe from further damage.
  • Safety – Removing a fallen tree requires assessment of the risks and a plan of attack
  • Equipment – Removing sections of a fallen tree is more than just cutting the trunk up. Each section can weight a lot and can be difficult to handle.

Local Emergency Tree Service in Mount Prospect

Lots of people think that removing a standing or fallen tree is easy. It takes a lot of hard work, the right equipment, training, and experience to make sure that everything goes right. Even then there are times where things can go wrong. That is why you should trust the expert arborists at Brown Tree to handle any fallen trees on your property. If you don’t believe us, just go to youtube, and we’ll see plenty of videos of when things go wrong with people removing a fallen tree from their property.

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