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Brown Tree Service Utilizes Real-Time GPS Tracking


Brown Tree Service has been providing quality tree care, tree renovation, tree planting and tree removal services in the Greater Chicago-land area for 30 years. Ken Brown, a certified ISA arborist, started his business with the goal of providing the best tree care service possible, and his philosophy is the same today: “Treat each tree as if it was your own and each customer as if they were your neighbor.”

One of the tools that Brown Tree utilizes is real-time GPS trackingtechnology for their service and on-sight vehicles. These live GPS tracking devices give Ken Brown and his team the ability to monitor their fleet of work trucks while they’re out on the field.

The SilverCloud® GPS Tracking System gives Ken Brown the ability to view the live location of his vehicles from his internet-enabled computer, laptop or mobile device (smartphone or tablet). The technology helps to ensure that his teams are where they’re suppose to be at the right time. It also helps ensure that the team at Brown Tree is providing the best service possible to their customers.

One of the useful features offered by the GPS tracking system, is the ShareSpot®. This innovative feature allows Brown Tree to share the live GPS location of their vehicles with their customers via a link that can be sent via email or text message. The live tracking window is embedded onto their website.

The ShareSpot® feature allows customers to see precisely where their service vehicle is in proximity to their location. Oftentimes, tree care services give their customers a broad window for their arrival time. However, Brown Tree’s priority is to provide the best overall experience for their customers, and real-time GPS trackers give them the tools to enhance their productivity, efficiency and level of customer service.

For more information about the services that Brown Tree provides, or to request a quote, call 847-550-TREE (8733) or email


Tree Trimming and Tree Removal Provides Safety


Last Thursday, millions and children, teens and even adults across the nation dressed up in their favorite costumes to commemorate Halloween, and really to fill their bags with candy and sweets.

According to tradition and history, Halloween, or “All Hallow’s Eve,” was meant to a day set aside to honor and remember the dead and departed. However, today it’s become a fun and festive event, especially for young children, who get the opportunity to dress up in their superhero or princess costumes and go out in public. However, for Chicago resident Rubi Roman, it wasn’t such an enjoyable evening.

Of all the horrors, Roman feared that the branches dangling precariously from the tree in front of her Albany Park neighborhood house would come crashing down on an innocent passer-by. She called the city on December of 2011 and asked that the tree be trimmed since it was sitting on a city-owned parkway. No one came, and a over a year later, a few of the branches fell.

Earlier this year, Roman’s 4-year-old daughter was playing near the tree when a large branch fell, just missing her an inch. “I’d been patient, except when that happened,” she said. “If the branch had hit my daughter on the head, most likely she would have had to go to the hospital and then it would have been a greater problem.”

Roman contacted the city multiple times to trim the tree, only to be told that she was on the list. Not wanting to wait any longer, she decided to contact a tree service to have the branches trimmed, however, they could not provide the service since the tree was on city property.

After numerous complaints and some complications, the city finally trimmed the tree. Roman is relieved that her year-long wait is finally over. “I don’t have to worry about anybody getting hurt,” she said. “I’m very, very happy.”

Tree trimming and removal can potentially help protect others from falling branches. It’s vitally important for home-owners to identify hanging branches on their property, especially if they’re near sidewalks or public roadways. Should a large branch fall and cause damage, or worse, injure another person, it could result in unnecessary problems and potential legal ramifications for residents.

Brown Tree Service has been providing tree trimming and tree removal services in the Greater Chicago-land area for the past 30 years. Their certified, expert staff will be able to provide the best approach to safely trimming and removing trees while providing the utmost customer service.

Contact Brown Tree today at 847-550-TREE (8733) or email

Source: Chicago Tribune


Proposed Tree Trimming Ordinance Rejected


A powerful storm blew through the Midwest over the weekend, wreaking havoc across 12 states: Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and western New York.

One tornado that blew through Illinois’ Washington County, near Peoria, left a path of destruction more than three miles long, according to a preliminary survey by the National Weather Service. Homes were completely demolished, trees were uprooted and cars were flipped over in its devastating wake.

Many residents were surprised by the storms, since they occurred during the middle of November. This is the time of the year when most Midwesterners prepare themselves for snow, not tornadoes.

According to recent, at least eight were reported dead, and hundreds of thousands were left without power on Monday as the region began the daunting task of recovering from powerful storm system. Gov. Pay Quinn of Illinois declared seven counties as disaster areas.

Other states were hit hard, and some were left homeless as the storms ripped through the region. Thousands of residents came out to find broken tree branches scattered across their yards, and in some cases they found trees completely uprooted from the ground.

On Monday night, the Bowling Green, Ohio, City Council unanimously rejected a tree trimming ordinance that would give City Arborist Dave Bienemann authority on the removal of dead or dying trees on private properties. The council was in agreement that residents typically do enough in resolving their own trees care needs after hearing from Bienemann.

Although the issue of dead trees has not caused a great deal of conflict thus far, the city noted the dangers they pose after Sunday’s powerful storm. Five dead trees fell in the city during the storm, according to Municipal Administrator John Fawcett. “Mother nature took care of [those] for us,” he said.

Mother nature can be unpredictable and it’s important for homeowners and residents to ensure that their trees are safe from strong winds. Falling branches and trees can cause severe damage to property and people. Heavy snow can cause tree limbs to snap, and potentially fall on people’s heads. This is why it’s important for homeowners to maintain and trim their trees before the winter season.

It is equally important to contact a professional, who will be able to properly examine and diagnose the right tree care needs. Ken Brown of Brown Tree Service is a Certified Arborist with over 30 years of experience in tree removal and tree trimming services. The Fall season is a great time to have Brown Tree come out and examine your tree care needs before the winter season comes.

For more information about Brown Tree and the services they provide contact them at 847-550-TREE (8733) or email

Source: The BG News