Last Thursday, millions and children, teens and even adults across the nation dressed up in their favorite costumes to commemorate Halloween, and really to fill their bags with candy and sweets.

According to tradition and history, Halloween, or “All Hallow’s Eve,” was meant to a day set aside to honor and remember the dead and departed. However, today it’s become a fun and festive event, especially for young children, who get the opportunity to dress up in their superhero or princess costumes and go out in public. However, for Chicago resident Rubi Roman, it wasn’t such an enjoyable evening.

Of all the horrors, Roman feared that the branches dangling precariously from the tree in front of her Albany Park neighborhood house would come crashing down on an innocent passer-by. She called the city on December of 2011 and asked that the tree be trimmed since it was sitting on a city-owned parkway. No one came, and a over a year later, a few of the branches fell.

Earlier this year, Roman’s 4-year-old daughter was playing near the tree when a large branch fell, just missing her an inch. “I’d been patient, except when that happened,” she said. “If the branch had hit my daughter on the head, most likely she would have had to go to the hospital and then it would have been a greater problem.”

Roman contacted the city multiple times to trim the tree, only to be told that she was on the list. Not wanting to wait any longer, she decided to contact a tree service to have the branches trimmed, however, they could not provide the service since the tree was on city property.

After numerous complaints and some complications, the city finally trimmed the tree. Roman is relieved that her year-long wait is finally over. “I don’t have to worry about anybody getting hurt,” she said. “I’m very, very happy.”

Tree trimming and removal can potentially help protect others from falling branches. It’s vitally important for home-owners to identify hanging branches on their property, especially if they’re near sidewalks or public roadways. Should a large branch fall and cause damage, or worse, injure another person, it could result in unnecessary problems and potential legal ramifications for residents.

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Source: Chicago Tribune