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Tree Trimming Information

Tree trimming is an important duty as a homeowner. Next, to the obvious reason of the tree’s appearance, there are many ways your trees will be benefited. Proper tree trimming can improve the general health of your trees by trimming away the branches that are dead or dying. Trimming away these branches will improve you and your family’s safety because often these branches can break off and fall. Also, trimming your trees will help increase sun exposure and air circulation throughout the tree. This helps in the health of your trees. When you trim fruit trees, it helps with the production of fruit. You’ll have more fruit on your tree, and they will be bigger than if you did not trim your tree.  Schaumburg, Illinois contains several different types of trees.  So you should identify which type of tree you are trying to trim before you start.  A professional tree trimming service can help with identification of your trees. 


Different Types Of Trimming

Tree trimming is beneficial because it can open up your yard to views that would otherwise be obstructed by overgrown trees. This helps with several things including the growth of other plants in your yard and allowing natural light to come into your home. Newly planted trees should be trimmed to help compensate for the loss of root and to help train the tree in the shape that you would most like for it. When it comes to trimming trees in Schaumburg, you want to make sure that your tree will also survive the harsh weather conditions that are thrown its way. 

Different trees should be trimmed at the right time of the year for that type of tree.

  1. Ornamental trees should be trimmed in early Spring just before their start their new growth. This will help with the flowering, those without flowers, it helps to shape them before they start growing again.
  2. Fruit trees should be trimmed in the late Winter so that the center of the tree is exposed to the Sun and to help create a nice shape for the Spring growth.
  3. Evergreen trees and shrubs should be trimmed in late March of in early April before they start their new growth cycle. Do not trim Evergreen trees in the fall to avoid them from being susceptible to a Winter injury.

If you are not sure what time of the year is best to trim your tree, consider using a professional tree service local in Schaumburg, to help.  They have the knowledge and expertise to help you with whatever you need when it comes to tree services in Schaumburg.

A Cut Above The Rest

There are different types of ways you could trim a treee.  That is why relying on a professional tree trimming service in Schaumburg is your best options.  They can come in and do the work, ensuring the protection of your tree and making sure everything is done 100% accurately. Tree trimming has four different degrees of trimming.

Tree trimming has four different degrees of trimming.

  1. Fine tree trimming: removing smaller limbs of the tree to improve the overall appearance of the tree.
  2. Standard tree trimming: removing larger limbs and/or branches to enhance the structure of the tree.
  3. Hazard tree trimming: removing hazardous branches that are dead or dying, that could cause some damage if they were to break off by themselves.
  4. Crown reduction tree trimming: this should only be done if there is significant storm damage, branches that interfere with power lines, or dieback. Never remove more than ⅓ of the crown of the tree, because then the tree may die from sunscald. (when the Sun focuses on one particular spot on the tree, which dries the tree out)

When you trim your trees you help eliminate branches that cross each other and compete for space. If you were not to trim these branches, they could end up both dying, which could, in turn, hurt the entire tree. Also, tree trimming can benefit the tree by preventing the entrance and spread of insects and diseases that can often time hurt or kill the tree.

Tree Trimming Schaumburg

It is a good idea to hire a professional, and local tree trimming services in Schaumburg, to help with your tree trimming needs because of their knowledge and experience. They know which branches should be trimmed and how many branches to trim. Professional tree trimmers specialize in the care of individual trees. Proper tree care is an investment, but a smart one at that. Well taken care of trees are aesthetically more attractive and can add considerable value to your home. Removing bigger branches and/or trees can be dangerous work, so hiring a professional would be a smart choice. They know the best ways to remove big branches and trees without injury.

If you are looking for the best tree trimming service, trust Brown Tree Service to help you out.  Call us today at 1 (847) 550-8733  or request a free quote for your home today by visiting our page now