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Tree Removal Schaumburg


There are several great reasons to have trees in your yard and around your home. Trees can provide shade which can keep your home cool and provide a comfortable outdoor space. They add a beautiful aesthetic to your landscaping.  However, there are a lot of reasons why you would want to remove a tree. A sick tree is at risk of falling over and can damage your home, an insect infestation; there are several different diseases that can affect a tree in your yard.  If your tree was struck by lighting or was broken during a winter storm that ripped through Schaumburg, then you might also have to remove the stump as well. When these tragedies strike your tree it is important to use a professional tree removal service, local tree removal services have the equipment and the machinery that can make tree removal services go faster and easier than removing the tree yourself. Furthermore, it is safer, because of the precarious positions your tree might be in when it is coming down. Brown Tree Service is a local tree removal service near you that can help you remove any unwanted trees from your property safely and affordably.


Causes For Tree Removal


There are several reasons that you might have to remove a tree from your home.  These are listed as the most common causes of tree removals from tree removal services across the country:


Stem Roots– Stem roots are roots that grow up and out of the ground and then around the tree trunk.  


Chlorosis– This disease is also commonly a plague of Oak Trees, Pin Oak Trees in Particular.  This is a condition the tree suffers when there is not enough chlorophyll in the leaves, causing the leaves to turn yellow in color which will affect the tree from the top down. Chlorosis is commonly caused by higher acidic rates in the soil around the tree.  This is the reason it mostly strikes Pink Oaks because they need this type of soil in order to grow. Chlorosis should be looked at by a tree service professional.


Rhizosphaera Needle– Fungus in the needles surrounding spruce trees.  This fungus then grows up the tree and causes the needles to turn a brown color.  This will cause a very unsightly spruce true in your yard. If you see your spruce tree turning brown and spotty, then consider calling a tree service company in your area to come out and take a look.


Topping– Topping is the only man-made problem on this list.  Topping is cutting down the branches of a tree too much, so there is nothing left.  This causes the tree to dry out and not replenish itself.  Using a tree service to cut down that front lawn tree is much better than to try it yourself because you can avoid this common problem.


Japanese Beetles– The most common insect to plague trees in Northern Illinois, the Japanese Beetle will destroy the entire tree.  It feeds on more than 300 species, and during its life cycle as a grub will devour the root system for a tree and as an adult the leaves and bark.  Infestations usually work its way from the top of the tree to the bottom of the tree, so getting rid of the problem is hard.  An excellent tree service company can help you with these little buggers.


Ceratocystis– Is a fungus that grows on trees which will turn the leaves to yellow when the rest of the tree is green.  When you notice leaves starting to turn green and brown, and it does not fall you should call your local tree service out to take a look to see if you are plagued by this fungus. This fungus will attack Oak Trees more and sometimes is known as “Oak Wilt.”  



Stump Removal Schaumburg


Just as important as taking a tree down is making sure that the stump is removed. There are several reasons why proper stump removal is helpful. The first is that sometimes the stump can stay alive with the help of an extensive root system that the tree could grow. This will allow a new tree to start growing. Another reason to have the stump removed is that a dead stump is a very attractive new home to insects. Ants, bees, and termites will take up residence in the stump and could cause problems for you and your home.


Why Use A Professional Tree Removal Service


Most people think that removing a tree is just about cutting it down, but that can cause a lot of problems. Improper tree removal is dangerous for not only your home but you as well. There are several reasons why you should hire a local tree removal service for removing a tree from your home:


City Ordinances – Local cities like Schaumburg, might have city ordinances that govern how you have to remove a tree in your yard. A local tree service in your area will know these regulations and will make sure that they follow them for your protection.

Experience – There are several issues that might come up when removing a tree.  Professional tree removal services in Schaumburg can help you overcome these potential challenges because of the experience and knowledge they have.

Safety – When you are pulling down a tree, it can go in any direction.  A professional tree removal service will ensure that the tree comes down the right way in a controlled removal service.  Most times they will cut the tree from the top and remove pieces in sections.

Clean Up – One of the best reasons to use a professional tree removal service is because they are in charge of cleaning up the work site after the tree is removed.  This will save you time and definitely make your life a little easier.


Tree Care Service Schaumburg


Brown Tree Service has been helping the people of Schaumburg for over 34 years, and we plan on going strong for many more years to come. Our teams of arborists are highly trained and able to handle any tree problem that you have. When you call Brown Tree Service, you will receive the best service around. So don’t risk you or your home trying to remove a tree on your own. Just pick up the phone and give us a call, you’ll be glad you did.