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Brown Tree has the certified experts you need to rely on when it comes to pruning and shaping your trees in Itasca, Illinois.  We are the number one local tree service in  area! Our local and certified arborists are on staff to help walk you through all the tree services you need.  Brown Tree Service performs tree trimming, tree removal, commercial tree, emergency tree services, tree removal, cabling, mauget injections, and more in the local Itasca area. When you choose Brown Tree Service you choose:

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Certified Aborists
Kenneth Brown: IL #0596
Martin LaBahn: IL #0498

No landscaping job is complete without trees.  Trees are a great way to make your home look beautiful and give you amazing benefits including, shade, privacy for your yard, and more. However, there are some things to keep in mind when it comes to caring for your trees in the future. Brown Tree Service in Itasca, Illinois is the certified arborist and tree specialist you need to make sure that your trees are well cared for in the future of your home. At Brown Tree Service, we are all about trees and want to give you the knowledge and tools necessary to ensure that your tree grows strong and is a beautiful addition to your yard for years to come.

Tree Planting Itasca

There are several things you should consider before you plant a tree for your home in Itasca:

  1. Type of Tree: Before you plant a tree in your yard, consider the main things a tree needs, in order to plant the right tree for the area.  Your main things to consider; temperature, moisture, and soil. These three things will determine the success of your tree’s life in Itasca.  You can always ask where you are buying the tree which one is the best for your yard, or you can contact us at Brown Tree Service in order to ensure that your tree planting in Itasca, Illinois is perfect.
  2. Location:  After you have found the perfect tree for your yard, it is now time to choose the location for that tree.  You want to look for an open area, be aware of any sidewalks or patios that might be damaged in the future by the root structure.  Also, you want to look up and see if there are any power lines that might prevent the tree from growing in the future, and where the sunlight and water is going to hit the tree.  If you want an expert arborist to ensure that you are planting your tree in the right location, trust Brown Tree Service to help you.
  3. When you are ready to plant the tree it is time to start digging.  You want to start with a hole that is 3 times as wide as the burlap bag your tree is coming in.  This will ensure the hole is deep enough and wide enough for the tree to grow in the future and you have enough soil from the dig to plant the tree securely.  You want to plant the tree so that the root collar is a little bit above the ground. Set the tree ball in the middle of the hole. Be sure to always pick up your tree by the bottom, grabbing it by the trunk can cause separation from the trunk to the ball. With a cutting knife, carefully cut away the burlap sack under the tree, and clear away any parts you can see. (The bottom of the sack can be there) Set the tree upright and start filling in the hole, and create a water basin around the tree and give the tree a good initial water. After that, lay two to three inches of protective mulch and you’re all done!

If you need any help planting a tree, whether it is choosing the right tree, where to plant the tree, or planting the tree itself, call Brown Tree Service today and we can help you with all of your tree planting needs in Itasca.

When Should I Contact a Tree Service?

When should you contact a tree service?  Below is a list of things to look for that will give you some indication of when to call your local tree service.

Following is a list comprised from tree service companies in the area that gives you an idea of what can be affecting your tree and the warning signs for you to know when to call your local tree service;

  1. Chlorosis- This disease is also commonly a plague of Oak Trees, Pin Oak Trees in Particular.  This is a condition the tree suffers when there is not enough chlorophyll in the leaves, causing the leaves to turn yellow in color which will affect the tree from the top down. Chlorosis is commonly caused by higher acidic rates in the soil around the tree.  This is the reason it mostly strikes Pink Oaks because they need this type of soil in order to grow. Chlorosis should be looked at by a tree service professional.
  2. Rhizosphaera Needle- Fungus in the needles surrounding spruce trees.  This fungus then grows up the tree and causes the needles to turn a brown color.  This will cause a very unsightly spruce true in your yard. If you see your spruce tree turning brown and spotty then consider calling a tree service company in your area to come out and take a look.
  3. Ceratocystis- Is a fungus that grows on trees which will turn the leaves to yellow when the rest of the tree is green.  When you notice leaves starting to turn green and brown and it does not fall you should call your local tree service out to take a look to see if you are plagued by this fungus. This fungus will attack Oak Trees more and sometimes is known as “Oak Wilt.”  
  4. Japanese Beetles- The most common insect to plague trees in Northern Illinois, the Japanese Beetle will destroy the entire tree.  It feeds on more than 300 species, and during its life cycle as a grub will devour the root system for a tree and as an adult the leaves and bark.  Infestations usually work its way from the top of the tree to the bottom of the tree, so getting rid of the problem is hard. An excellent tree service company can help you with these little buggers.
  5. Topping- Topping is the only man-made problem on this list.  Topping is cutting down the branches of a tree to much so there is nothing left.  This causes the tree to dry out and not replenish itself. Using a tree service to cut down that front lawn tree is much better than to try it yourself because you can avoid this common problem.
  6. Stem Roots- Stem roots are roots that grow up and out of the ground and then around the tree trunk.  By doing this you, it prevents the water from getting underneath the tree in order.

Benefits Of Using a Local Tree Service In Itasca

There are several things you should consider while selecting a new tree for your yard. There are several types of trees that may not be suitable for you home especially if you have children and pets. Trees with thorns or spiky seeds may not be a good choice because your children can run to them from playing around them. Some trees may be quite messy, such as the sycamore tree or relatives of the  London plane tree, which can drip fuzzy ball seeds, twigs and bark all over your yard. Another example are trees that hang over driveways that are known to leak copious amounts of sap over your cars.

In the end, every type of cultivated tree has pros and cons. You should weigh them all very carefully. Every type of tree has certain requirements for its survival throughout the years. Many trees do well in rich, moist, and/or woodsy soil that is closer to the more acidic side. Other trees may prefer a more alkaline soil that is typically drier. This is because it is not as rich in the moisture-holding organic matter. Some trees, need a wet soil, such as the swamp red maples or even the bald cypress.

Tree Service Itasca

A certified arborist knows what is best for your trees! When it comes to keeping your trees trimmed, inspected, removed, or planted, a great arborist and tree service in your area know what is needed to get it done.  Call Brown Tree Service today and let us help you with all of your tree services!