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Autumn in Illinois is about changing leaves, stunning colors, and cold mornings. But there is also a less obvious problem that comes with this season — insects. These tiny bugs might look harmless, but they can be a big problem for your trees during fall.

Below, this tree care company in Lake Bluff, Illinois is going to discuss some of the key things homeowners should know about protecting their trees against insects during fall.

What are the risks?

Most people assume that insects disappear in the fall, but that is not always true. Some insects become more active as they prepare for winter. They can lay eggs in the trees or keep feeding on them to build up reserves for the winter. This can make the trees weak and less able to deal with diseases or the cold.

What are some common tree insects you should watch out for?

If you live in the Lake Buff area, it’s important to watch out for insects like bark beetles, aphids, and scale insects. Bark beetles dig into the tree’s bark, stopping the flow of nutrients and water. This makes trees more susceptible to diseases and environmental stress. On the other hand, aphids and scale insects suck the sap from trees. This is especially harmful in fall when trees need their energy for winter.

Know the signs of insect problems

It is essential to catch any insect problems early to prevent long-term damage. Here are some things to look for:

  • Changes in the leaves, like strange spots, wilting, or early falling.
  • Bark damage, such as holes, loose bark, or sap leaking from the trunk.
  • A sudden decline in the tree’s overall health during fall.

But remember, these signs can be hard to spot until damage has already been done. It’s important to be proactive and call a professional tree care company in Lake Bluff, Illinois if you suspect any issues with your trees. It is often easier and more affordable to deal with the problem early than to wait until the tree is seriously damaged or dead.

What can a professional tree care company do for you?

Tree care experts know a lot about trees and tree insects. They can identify what type of insect is causing the problem, then determine how severe the infestation is. They can also create a treatment plan and give advice on preventing future issues, helping you keep your trees healthy long-term.

Is there something you can do to protect your trees?

Professional tree care companies in Lake Bluff, Illinois recommend taking the following steps to protect your trees:

  • Keep an eye on your trees — especially if they have had insect problems before or are known to be susceptible to certain pests.
  • Prune dead or dying branches as needed to reduce insect habitats and stop the spread of infestation.
  • Lastly, take good care of your trees. Make sure your trees get enough water and the right fertilizer and are planted in the right spot. Healthy trees are better at fighting off insects.

Looking for a Professional Tree Care Company in Lake Bluff, Illinois?

Insects can be a big problem for trees in fall. However, by understanding the risks, knowing what to look for, and taking proactive steps, you can protect your trees against the threat of insect damage.

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