Tree Care Contractor in Long Grove, Illinois

Trimming your trees regularly is crucial to their health, safety, and beauty. While you may be able to handle much of the trimming task yourself, there can be instances when you’ll benefit from a knowledgeable tree care contractor in Long Grove, Illinois. These experts can help keep your trees in excellent shape, eliminating potential diseases or issues.

Below, we are going to provide some tree trimming tips and techniques you’ll want to keep in mind to ensure the health and beauty of your trees.

Why Trim Your Trees

Tree trimming is essential for removing dead or dying branches. It promotes healthy growth and protects property and passersby from potential harm. A professional tree care contractor in Long Grove, Illinois can regularly trim your trees to prevent diseases from spreading and enhance the tree’s overall health.

The Best Time to Trim

According to most tree care professionals, the best time for tree trimming is during the dormant season, which is typically late fall or winter. This timing allows trees to heal faster without stressing them during their actively growing phase. It’s important to remember that over-trimming can stress and damage a tree. You’ll typically only want to remove 15-20% of a tree’s canopy at one time.

Trimming Techniques

Most professional tree care contractors in Long Grove, Illinois recommend using the three-cut method for large branches:

· Notch Cut

This cut is made on the underside of the branch, a few inches away from the trunk. It prevents the bark from peeling down the trunk when cutting the branch.

· Relief Cut

Next, you make the relief cut further from the notch cut and through the branch. This removes the branch’s weight and prevents the bark from tearing.

· Final Cut

A final cut is made outside the branch collar, removing the stub and allowing the tree to heal properly. This prevents the bark from tearing and ensures a clean cut that also heals quickly.

Here are some more tips on trimming your trees:

· Crown Reduction

This method is often used by the professionals to selectively remove branches and decrease a tree’s height and spread. By selectively eliminating branches, your trees are less stressed, and it also prevents interference with surroundings.

· Crown Raising

Crown raising involves removing lower branches to improve clearance for foot traffic and views. It’s done gradually to maintain the tree’s stability and form.

· Crown Thinning

This technique enhances light and airflow by thinning the tree’s upper or outer canopy. There’s selective branch removal that avoids diseases and maintains the tree’s structure.

· Shaping Branches

Shaping aims to direct growth and achieve desired aesthetics. It is crucial for ornamental trees and is performed with care by a tree care contractor in Long Grove, Illinois.

· Deadwooding

Deadwooding involves removing dead or diseased branches to maintain safety and tree health. It prevents decay and enhances appearance.

· Structural Pruning

This method improves young trees’ structural integrity through careful branch selection and spacing. It ensures a healthy growth pattern as well.

· Pollarding

Pollarding is a cyclic technique for controlling tree size and promoting dense foliage. It’s suitable for specific species and landscapes and is expertly applied by the professionals for aesthetic and maintenance purposes.

Safety Considerations

When trimming trees, it’s important to wear protective gear, including gloves, goggles, and a hard hat, to protect yourself from falling debris. Professional tree care contractors in Long Grove, Illinois always prioritize safety and are equipped with the necessary PPE.

Regular Inspections

It is crucial to regularly inspect your trees for signs of disease, pest infestation, or structural issues. A licensed arborist can help identify potential problems early and recommend appropriate actions.

Mulching and Watering

Mulching retains soil moisture, protects the roots, and encourages good growth. Watering your trees thoroughly also keeps them safe during dry spells. You can always consult with a professional for tailored advice on your specific tree species and needs.

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