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Why Winter Watering Is Essential for Your Trees: A Tree Care Contractor in Lake Forest, Illinois Explains

Tree Care Contractor in Lake Forest Illinois

Many Midwestern homeowners are under the impression that their trees don’t need water in the cold winter months. However, this is simply not the case. Below, this tree care contractor in Lake Forest, Illinois is going to discuss the importance of properly watering your trees during winter. read more →

Supporting Your Tree Limbs, the Right Way: Insights from a Tree Care Contractor in Highland Park, Illinois

Tree care contractor in Highland Park Illinois

Trees are a beautiful part of our surroundings, bringing life and greenery to our neighborhoods. However, they often need a little help to stay strong as they grow, especially when they have heavy or weakly attached branches.

Some trees, like sugar maples, naturally have big and heavy branches. But others, like beeches and red maples, can struggle under heavy snowfall or during storms, leading to broken limbs. This is where a support system can come in handy, helping prevent property damage and keep your tree happy and healthy for a longer time.

Below, this tree care contractor in Highland Park, Illinois is going to discuss some of the key things you should know about the limbs on your trees and how to support them as they grow. read more →

The Importance of Professional Tree Care: Insights from a Tree Care Contractor in Arlington Heights, Illinois

Tree care contractor in Arlington Heights Illinois

It is hard to ignore the role that trees play in our lives. From offering shade on a hot summer day to producing the oxygen we breathe; trees are vital to our existence. Not to mention, a well-maintained yard with healthy trees can add to your property’s curb appeal and value.

However, despite how beautiful and beneficial trees may be, they can pose potential threats if they’re not maintained properly. Mismanaged trees can become hazardous to your property, especially during extreme weather conditions. Fortunately, this is where the professionals can help.

Below, we are going to discuss the role that professional tree care contractors in Arlington Heights, Illinois play in keeping your trees healthy. read more →