Tree Care Contractor in Park Ridge, Illinois

You may not think much about it, but the trees on your Park Ridge property are exposed to several potential threats. Tree diseases, for example, can turn their leaves yellow, cause branch to wither, and may even kill the tree. Unfortunately, by the time you see signs of the problem, the damage might already be significant under the surface. this is why it’s important for homeowners to be cognizant of the signs of tree diseases so they can respond quickly and give their trees the best chance of survival.

Below, this tree care contractor in Park Ridge, Illinois is going to review some of the most common tree diseases homeowners should keep an eye out for.

Dutch Elm Disease

This is a fungal disease that targets elm trees, American elms included. It gets spread by the bark beetle, which carries the fungus to the tree. Once it gets in there, the fungus disrupts water movement within the tree. Infected elm trees will have wilting leaves and branches that will eventually die. You might even lose the tree if you don’t jump on this problem quickly. If you have this type of tree on your property, it’s important to actively look for wilting leaves, branches, and brown streaks in the sapwood — these are the big red flags for Dutch elm disease.

Tree Blight

Tree blight is the name used for a group of diseases that make the leaves wilt and turn brown, cause branch and leaf dieback, and even stunt the tree’s growth. These diseases can be fungal or bacterial and usually start with the leaves wilting and losing their color. If you don’t address these tree blight issues fast, things go downhill with more dying leaves and branches — and eventually, they may need to be removed by a tree care contractor in Park Ridge, Illinois.

Leaf Scorch

Leaf scorch is a disease trees sometimes get during extreme weather conditions. Infected trees start getting brown margins and tips on their leaves, and the veins become yellow. As things get worse, the leaves will wilt and fall off. In some cases, you may be able to treat the issue by watering, fertilizing, and pruning.


Scab is a fungal disease that is common in fruit trees, especially apple trees. This fungus leaves brown and black lesions on fruits, leaves, and buds. Infected trees rarely die, but they do lose many leaves and have a lower fruit yield. You can treat scab with fungicides and by removing the affected areas.

Oak Wilt

Oak wilt is also a fungal disease that affects all types of oak trees. Infected oak trees experience black spots on leaves and defoliation, wilt, vascular discoloration, and will eventually die. This disease is usually spread by insects or through root grafts. Some oak species are particularly vulnerable to oak wilt and can die within one growing season.


Anthracnose is a fungal disease that affects different trees — such as ash, oak, sycamore, and dogwood. It targets leaves, shoots, flowers, and fruits, leaving dark spots in the affected areas. Infected leaves get these unusual brown or yellow spots and might fall off. In some cases, a professional tree care contractor in Park Ridge, Illinois may be able to prune the affected branches and use a copper fungicide to save the tree.


Cankers refer to dead spots on tree trunks or branches. They can be caused by fungus, bacteria, or even injuries. Cankers can girdle the branches and weaken the tree against wood decay and harmful organisms. If you water and prune the tree properly, the tree may show signs of improvement.

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