Tree pruning company in Park Ridge Illinois

If you have large trees surrounding your home, you’ve probably had the experience of looking up at your trees during a storm and hoping that nothing comes crashing down. After the storm has passed and you’ve had the opportunity to walk the property and see that it’s damage-free, you will finally be able to let out a sigh of relief.

Proper tree care can help in these situations. The best way to ensure that your yard is filled with safe, healthy, and attractive trees is to keep an eye out for diseases and unhealthy branches and prune them accordingly.

Are you wondering whether your trees need to be pruned? If so, you come to the right place. This tree pruning company in Park Ridge, Illinois is going to discuss some of the most common signs below.


If you cannot see through the tree’s branches, then the canopy has reached an unhealthy density level. Due to this excessive growth, the branches become dangerously heavy during storms and high winds.

Unusual shape

If you look around your yard and notice that something does not seem quite right, it is time to give your trees and shrubs a trim. While trees and shrubs will never be perfectly symmetrical, uneven growth will result in poor weight distribution, which can cause severe property damage.

Crossing branches

It is not good for tree branches to cross over and rest on one another. This unhealthy growth will eventually result in the decay and death of the affected branches, which will affect the entire tree.

Broken branches

Your tree pruning company in Park Ridge, Illinois will recommend pruning away any splintering or bending branches. Branches can split or bend due to weight or because of severe storms and wind. These branches will inevitably break off, resulting in injury or property damage.

Dead limbs

You should also prune branches that no longer produce foliage. Given that they are dead, these branches are likely to break off. Because the tree can focus its nutrients on the portions of itself that are still alive, this is also beneficial for the rest of the tree.

Power lines

Timely pruning is required for any trees or other growths getting too close to power lines. This is a task that is best performed by trained professionals. You should first get in touch with your local power provider and speak with them about the issue. Some providers will take care of the pruning themselves, while others may advise you to call a qualified tree pruning company in Park Ridge, Illinois.

Diseased limbs

Tree branches are often the first to succumb to a disease as it creeps within and affects the entire tree. Pruning these branches will help maintain the tree’s overall health.

Cracked branches

The presence of a disease or pest in a tree is often indicated by cracks in the tree’s bark. If you see these abnormalities on the branches, your tree pruning company in Park Ridge, Illinois might be able to remove certain branches that will help contain the disease.


These types of marks on the trunk (also known as sunken bark) might indicate disease or decay. This can be brought on by many factors, including environmental conditions, insects, fungi, and even chemical exposure. Young trees have difficulty recovering from this type of disease, whereas older trees have a better chance of being salvaged. When the weather is dry, remove as much of the canker as possible and then keep a close eye on the tree’s overall health.

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