Tree Trimming Contractor in Bannockburn, Illinois

Trimming. your trees might look easy, but it can often cause unexpected and serious problems. If you are a homeowner in Bannockburn who is thinking about cutting your trees yourself, it’s important to be aware of what could go wrong. Without the proper knowledge or training, well-intentioned efforts can sometimes result in injuries, property damage, or damage to your trees themselves.

Below, this tree trimming contractor in Bannockburn, Illinois is going to explain the risks of DIY tree trimming, and why hiring professionals is a much safer option.

The appeal and risks of DIY tree trimming

Many homeowners like the idea of handling home improvement projects themselves. They think about the money they could save and the satisfaction of doing the work themselves. However, trimming trees is not like painting a fence or fixing a dripping tap. Tree trimming comes with real dangers, and these dangers can cause very serious injuries or even death.

According to the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), 243 people in the US died from tree care accidents between 2020 and 2023, and many more were injured. This shows how dangerous tree trimming can be if you don’t have the right skills, experience, and tools. If you have any hesitations about what you’re doing, it’s best to leave this type of work to a professional tree trimming contractor in Bannockburn, Illinois.

Common DIY tree trimming disasters

Power line hazards: Trimming trees around power lines can be dangerous, because if the tree branches or your tools touch the lines, it can lead to electrocution. Electricity can move quickly from the power line to a nearby object, and even indirect contact can be fatal.

The dangers of heights: Climbing trees or using ladders to reach high branches puts you in a risky spot. Falling even from a small height can result in serious injuries. The risk of falling only increases if you use a chainsaw while on the ladder, as it can be hard to stay balanced using such a powerful tool.

Chainsaw accidents: Chainsaws are very powerful and can be very dangerous. One of the most common dangers when using a chainsaw is kickback, which is when the chainsaw suddenly thrusts back toward the person operating it. This can cause serious injuries.

Falling trees and branches: When cutting trees or big branches, you’ll need to control where they fall. Without the proper technique, trees can fall in unpredictable directions, which can injure someone standing on the ground or cause property damage. Even a small branch can be dangerous if it falls from a height. A common cutting mistake is called a ‘barber chair,’ which is when a tree splits and snaps back violently while it is being cut. Barber chair can be a fatal mistake.

Hiring a professional tree trimming contractor is a safer option.

Professional tree trimming contractors in Bannockburn, Illinois are trained and equipped to perform tree trimming safely. They know how to manage the risks of working near power lines, high up in the trees, and using powerful tools like chainsaws. They can also check the tree’s health and decide the best way to trim or remove branches safely.

Hiring a professional is safer and ensures that the job is done correctly. An incorrectly trimmed tree might not grow properly and could become weak and a safety hazard in the future.

Looking for a Tree Trimming Contractor in Bannockburn, Illinois?

As you can tell, DIY tree trimming can be extremely dangerous. So, before you decide to trim the trees on your property, it’s important to consider all the risks. And if you want the job done safely and effectively, it’s best to hire the professionals.

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