Tree Trimming Company in Arlington Heights, Illinois

If you want to keep your home safe and your trees healthy, it’s important to stay up to date with your tree trimming needs. Tree trimming can seem complicated at first, but with the right information and expert guidance, your trees will remain strong for years to come. This tree trimming company in Arlington Heights, Illinois is going to discuss some of the key things homeowners should know about the trimming process and its benefits.

What does it mean to trim a tree?

Tree trimming is the process of removing hazardous defects in a tree. Some of these defects often include dead branches, branches that are growing too close to your roof or other structures, or branches that are touching power lines. Proper trimming helps the tree to grow well and stay healthy for many years.

There are a few key reasons why it’s important for homeowners to keep up with their tree trimming needs. One reason is to avoid property damage, since multiple heavily-laden branches could damage your (or your neighbor’s) home’s siding, roof, and windows. Falling tree branches also have the potential to cause serious injuries to individuals on or near your property.

Another reason to trim your trees regularly is that it helps keep your trees healthy. When any weak or dead branches are removed, the tree can grow more vigorously. Finally, tree trimming makes your yard look aesthetically appealing. Professionally trimmed trees look neat and tidy, which helps improve the overall appearance of your Arlington Heights property.

What happens before the tree trimming process?

Before an experienced tree trimming company in Arlington Heights, Illinois starts the job, they will carefully examine your trees to determine what needs to be done. They will look at all the branches to get a clear idea about which ones should be removed and which ones should be left alone. Licensed arborists will also tell you their ideas for trimming your trees — including which branches they think should be removed and why — before any work begins.

How are trees trimmed?

A professional tree trimming company uses special equipment like pruning saws, loppers, hand pruners/shears, and pole saws to remove dead, dying, or broken branches. They are extra careful not to hurt the tree and to ensure that nothing around it gets damaged. They work slowly and pay close attention to what they are doing to ensure good tree trimming.

What happens after?

You will see some noticeable changes after working with a professional tree trimming company in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Your trees will look healthier than ever, and your yard will look cleaner and more orderly. With the dead and sick branches gone, your trees will also grow stronger, as there will be less chance of branches falling and causing damage.

How often should you trim your trees?

The recommended frequency for tree trimming really depends on the type of tree you have. But usually, pruning every two-to-four years is ideal (every one-to-two years for young trees). Keep in mind that emergency tree trimming could be required in some circumstances.

If you are unsure when to schedule a tree trimming service, our licensed arborists at Brown Tree Service Inc. can help you learn the frequency that works best for your tree or trees.

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Professional tree trimming services are an essential part of caring for your trees and keeping them looking their best. Are your trees currently in need of attention? If so, and if you’re ready to schedule a service with the top-rated tree trimming company in Arlington Heights, Illinois, Brown Tree Service Inc. is here to help.

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