Tree Trimming Contractor in Lake Zurich Illinois

There’s no denying that well-kept trees and landscaping can improve your home’s value. But sometimes, these trees attract rodents like squirrels, rats, mice, voles, and more. The good news is that regular tree trimming can help keep these unwanted guests away. Are you interested in learning how? This tree trimming contractor in Lake Zurich, Illinois is going to explain below.

What’s the rodent problem?

Rodents are frequently looking for food, shelter, and nesting spots. Trees in your yard can be perfect for these critters, as they offer shelter and a place to scout for food.

Once rodents make a home in your trees, it’s only a matter of time before they try to make their way into your house for more food and warmth. Mice can squeeze through gaps as small as a dime, while squirrels and rats can get through slightly larger openings. Once inside, these rodents can cause structural damage to your home, and they also pose health risks because of their droppings and potential to spread diseases.

How can trimming your trees help?

Reduces access points

When tree branches grow too close to your house, they make it easy for rodents to leap or climb into your home. Trimming these branches removes this easy access, forcing rodents to find another shelter.

Limits food sources

Trees that grow fruits or nuts are natural food sources for rodents. Your tree trimming contractor in Lake Zurich, Illinois can cut back the branches to reduce the available food, making your yard less appealing to rodents. Trimming also means fewer leaves and seeds fall to the ground, so there is less food on the ground.

Improves visibility

Rodents like hiding in thick branches to avoid predators. Trimming your trees removes these hiding spots, making your yard a place rodents want to avoid. This also makes it easier to spot any rodent activity and act if needed.

Best practices for tree trimming

Trimming trees can help manage rodent problems, but you’ll have to do it right to avoid damaging the trees. Here are some tips that should help:


The best time to trim trees is in late fall or winter when your trees are not actively growing. This reduces stress on the trees and lowers the chance of attracting other pests that are active during the warmer months.


How you trim the branches is important. You should cut at the branch collar — where the branch meets the trunk or another branch. This technique helps the tree heal better and helps prevent insect infestations.

Safety measures

Trimming large trees can be dangerous. It’s best to wear protective gear and make sure your ladder is stable. If you are trimming high branches or near power lines, it’s best to hire a professional tree trimming contractor in Lake Zurich, Illinois.

The professionals will have all the right tools and knowledge for safe tree trimming. They will also know how to care for different tree species and can offer advice on keeping your trees healthy while managing rodent problems.

Looking for a Tree Trimming Contractor in Lake Zurich, Illinois?

Regular tree trimming is crucial in keeping rodents away from your home. While you can do some trimming yourself, it is wise to get professional help for bigger, more complex jobs.

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