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Tree topping is the practice of removing large sections of the crowns of trees to protect them from damage or infection. This practice can sometimes seem like an effective solution for treating damaged tree limbs, but in many cases, it could end up causing more harm than good.

Below, this tree care company in Winnetka, Illinois is going to discuss some of the biggest risks associated with tree topping, and why you should avoid this practice if you see any signs of tree damage on your property.

Risks of Tree Topping

Tree topping is highly dangerous for both the environment and the people who perform it. The consequences of tree topping range from ecological damage to increased risk of property damage and injury. Cutting off all the branches leaves the trees vulnerable to drought, disease, insects, and storms that can topple the trees onto homes or power lines.

Another problem with cutting all the branches is that there are fewer leaves left to collect sunlight. As any knowledgeable tree care company in Winnetka, Illinois knows, trees use photosynthesis to turn sunlight into food and remove carbon dioxide from the air. If trees don’t have enough leaves, they are not able to do their jobs as well. Many trees end up dying after being topped, which can increase risks for property damage, disease, and insect infestation by leaving a dead wood structure available for pests.

Once a tree is weakened by topping, other environmental conditions can cause the downfall of the tree — including storm damage and other environmental factors such as climate change. For example, heat waves or cold snaps may not be devastating to a healthy tree, but they can be the downfall for a tree that is already compromised from topping.

All these problems make this procedure harmful for humans, too if your home in Winnetka has been damaged because of falling trees, then there could be more issues like mold growth and termites coming inside your house. In extreme cases, there can even be fire hazards caused by toppled electrical wires.

Topping is an expensive process that often leads to unnecessary damage to the crown of a tree, which can lead to more costly repairs. Furthermore — despite what some misinformed tree care companies in Winnetka, Illinois may claim — topping does not properly address the underlying problems that cause branches or roots to grow too large for the space available.

Final Thoughts

Tree topping may seem like an easy way to manage the tree in your yard, but the risks far outweigh any possible benefits. Not only can you damage your property by performing tree topping, but you also run the risk of damaging property that adjoins your own. Additionally, trees are crucial to maintaining property values, and removing them can significantly decrease their value.

We generally advise against topping because there are much less invasive ways of maintaining the size and shape of your tree, such as pruning. A qualified tree care company in Winnetka, Illinois will assess your needs and work closely with you to find solutions that best suit your needs without unnecessarily compromising the health or beauty of your landscape.

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