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Ten Spring Tree Care Tips You Should Know: Insights from a Tree Care Company in Arlington Heights, Illinois

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Tree care company in Arlington Heights Illinois

Although we’re currently in the middle of winter, spring is only a few months away. There is no better time than now to start preparing your landscaping for the warmer months so it can thrive and reach its full potential. Below, this tree care company in Arlington Heights, Illinois is going to share our top tips that will help you keep your yard looking beautiful in the spring/summer months. read more →

Six Types of Trees You Should Avoid Planting in Barrington: Insights from a Tree Planting Company in Barrington, Illinois

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Tree planting company in Barrington Illinois

Many tree species commonly planted as landscaping features in Barrington, Illinois, have few or no redeeming qualities. That promising tiny sapling you planted in your lawn years ago may mature into an unruly adolescent, then a cranky old tree that you’d rather not have on your property.

When it comes to planting trees on your Barrington property, there are several types of trees you’ll probably want to avoid. Without further ado, this tree planting company in Barrington, Illinois is going to review them below. read more →