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What Are the Risks of Tree Topping, and Why You Should Avoid It? Insights from a Tree Care Company in Winnetka, Illinois

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Tree care companies in Winnetka Illinois

Tree topping is the practice of removing large sections of the crowns of trees to protect them from damage or infection. This practice can sometimes seem like an effective solution for treating damaged tree limbs, but in many cases, it could end up causing more harm than good.

Below, this tree care company in Winnetka, Illinois is going to discuss some of the biggest risks associated with tree topping, and why you should avoid this practice if you see any signs of tree damage on your property. read more →

Six Tips to Help Your Trees Survive the Harsh Winter: Insights from a Licensed Arborist in Wilmette, Illinois

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Licensed arborist in Wilmette Illinois

As winter approaches and temperatures start to drop, it is important for homeowners to be mindful of their trees. Most homeowners in the Wilmette area know that winter can take a toll on their trees and landscape — and sometimes, even the healthiest trees don’t always make it through unscathed. There are ways, however, to help your trees live long and fruitful lives in this harsh climate. Are you wondering what these include? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This licensed arborist in Wilmette, Illinois is going to provide six tips below that will help you prepare your trees for winter. read more →