Tree planting company in Barrington Illinois

Many tree species commonly planted as landscaping features in Barrington, Illinois, have few or no redeeming qualities. That promising tiny sapling you planted in your lawn years ago may mature into an unruly adolescent, then a cranky old tree that you’d rather not have on your property.

When it comes to planting trees on your Barrington property, there are several types of trees you’ll probably want to avoid. Without further ado, this tree planting company in Barrington, Illinois is going to review them below.

Six Types of Trees You Should Avoid Planting in Barrington

1. Silver Maple

Silver maple is a large and fast-growing tree that is common on the east coast and throughout the Midwest. Unfortunately, the tree’s rapid growth makes for brittle wood that can easily break during strong winds, which are not uncommon in the Midwest. Furthermore, the tree’s shallow root system can penetrate sewer lines and septic drain fields, as well as crack pavements.

2. Ash

This well-known shade tree is native to North America, and it produces valuable wood that is ideal for furniture making. It also generates a lot of pollen and fruit, which will wear you down when keeping your landscaping clean. It also secretes radicals that kill surrounding plants, wreaking havoc on flower beds and vegetable gardens. Any reputable tree planting company in Barrington, Illinois will advise you to avoid planting these types of trees around your residential landscape.

3. Quaking Aspen

The quaking Aspen grows in northern climates and at high altitudes. Its milky bark and delicately vibrating leaves are lovely, but its growth process is devious, sending up hordes of suckers that always try to grow into new trees. Once established, it’s like an all-out war. In fact, the world’s largest living organism is Pando (also known as the trembling giant), a clonal colony of an individual male quaking aspen. It is 80,000 years old and weighs about 13 million pounds.

4. Lombardy Poplar

The Lombardy poplar was once a popular landscape tree thanks to its quick growth rate (up to six feet per year) and distinct columnar appearance. However, as any experienced tree planting company in Barrington can tell you, they are susceptible to a variety of diseases that can make them unsightly. Not to mention, their roots are invasive and tough to remove.

5. Willow

With its long, thin branches, the willow is one of the most well-known trees among homeowners in Barrington, Illinois. While gorgeous on the surface, it has a voracious, water-hungry root system that can wreak havoc on drainage basins, sewer lines, and water irrigation systems. Furthermore, its wood is fragile and can be easily broken, and the shrub has a relatively short life span of approx 30 years.

6. Eucalyptus

The eucalyptus, which was imported from Australia and is famed for its fast growth — some types can grow 10 feet in a year — has a poor reputation for abruptly dropping its heavy branches. Campers in various parts of Australia are cautioned not to pitch their tents under eucalyptus trees. Its vibrant bark comes off every year, adding to the annual maintenance chores.

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